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  • precision casting

    Precision Casting method refers to the general name of Casting methods that use non-metallic moulds and whose dimensional accuracy is higher than that of ordinary sand mould castings, including Lost Wax Casting or Investment Casting, Plaster Mold Casting and Ceramics Mold Casting.   Precise ...
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  • Researchers have developed a unique 3D printing platform that could reduce costs and waste

    3D printing is revolutionizing product design and manufacturing in many areas: from custom-made parts for consumer products to 3D-printed dental products and life-saving bone and medical implants.However, the process also creates a lot of expensive and unsustainable waste and takes a long time, w...
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  • The Steel Industry Carbon Peak-Up and Decarbonization Action Plan is being revised to propose five major paths

    The Steel Industry Carbon Peak-Up and Decarbonization Action Plan is being revised to propose five major paths

    China will formulate an action plan and road map to reach a carbon peak in the steel industry this year, and the progress is being closely watched, according to China Media Group’s economic radio, Tianxia Caijing.At the 2021 (12th) China Iron and Steel Development Forum on Thursday, a revis...
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  • HG sets new Vending machines for our workers

    The hot summer is coming, HG installs two vending machines in the yard for the workers, who can enjoy drinkings, hams, instant noodles and snacks as they need, wish we have a cool summer! History for Vending Machine/Slot Machine The first vending machine in the world was made by the Greek Hero...
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  • Public Accounts for HONGGUANG and its Wechat.

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  • H2O-Accadueo Exhibition, Italy, 2021

    H2O-Accadueo, International Water Treatment and Distribution Exhibition, Italy, 2021 Exhibition Date: May 05, 2021 – May 07, 2021 Venue: Bologna, Italy Exhibition period: once every two years Organizer: Bologna Exhibition Co., Ltd Industry attributes Municipal sanitation climate protecti...
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  • Ductile iron pipe fitting

    Ductile iron pipe is made of magnesium or rare earth magnesium combined with gold spheroidizing agent in molten iron before casting, so that graphite spheroidizing, stress concentration reduction, so that the pipe has the advantages of high strength, high elongation, impact resistance, corrosion ...
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    MOSBUILD MOSBUILD, an international building materials exhibition, will open on March 31, 2021. As an international building materials exhibition, MOSBUILD’s appeal and influence will radiate throughout Russia and Eastern Europe. Specialized: Russian building materials exhibits MOSBUILD ITE...
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  • EN545 Standard 2020 English Version

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  • The 18th China International Foundry Expo (Metal China)

    The 18th China International Foundry Expo (Metal China)

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